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Integratedmomvp photoWelcome to IntegratedMomVP.wordpress.com – a blog that shares and talks about the result of her researches and experiences on working opportunities from home.

My name is Ligaya Malay and I am a full-time stay at home mom of three, mompreneur, and a virtual professional specializing on how to drive traffic and convert visitors to satisfied customers.

From Passion to Career

Back in 2004, I heard about the concept of working from home. I was still a pre-med student back then but I already had a premonition of being a work at home mom though it was vague. I didn’t know how the law of attraction works before.

After 10 years, can you imagine what happened? I was already a mom of 2 working as a Business Process Outsourcing Associate in the corporate world. I never thought that my dream was working on me until I learned about a Virtual Guru who trained people to EARN FROM HOME by serving international businesses and companies. Investigative researching is my passion so I followed this person’s online activities. To my surprise I found myself growing into a better person by applying all his advice. I discovered that my passion was developed into a virtual career with an entrepreneurial mindset.

As a mom, I can’t help it but share the knowledge and experiences I gained throughout the years. This is my way of giving back to all the blessings I received. I want to share, inspire and empower women. Being a mom doesn’t stop at home; we can be a great contributor to our community and reach the world through technology.

Why IntegratedMomVP?

I created this blog site to be an online portfolio of my researches & experiences related to motherhood, parenting, and homeschooling as well as healthy living. I’m also an advocate of personal and financial development to motivate and inspire other mothers.

IntegratedMomVP represents a mom with big dreams and aspirations of a career woman into a working goal. Her goal is to give a new perspective in building a career at home for stay at home moms. She aims to uplift the values, skills, and mindsets of full-time moms toward pursuing a career even at home.

If you would like to learn more about IntegratedMomVP, feel free to get in touch through my Contact Page.

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