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Welcome to IntegratedMomVP.wordpress.com – a blog that shares and talks about the result of her researches and experiences on working opportunities from home.IMG_1509 s5r

My name is Ligaya Malay and I am a full-time stay at home mom of three, an online entrepreneur, and a digital marketing strategist.

Dreams do come true

Back in 2004, I heard about the concept of working from home. Those were the times that I told myself, “When I turned 30 and have my own family, I want to see myself taking care of my children while having the freedom of working at home”. (I’m Dreaming 😴!)

After 10 years, (2014 to be exact) can you imagine what happened? I was already a mom of 2 and working as a Business Process Outsourcing Associate. The thought that I had back in 2004 was still floating somewhere (I just can’t find it). It was still a dream until I learned about a Virtual Guru who trained people to EARN FROM HOME. (Interesting, huh!). Suddenly, my blood rushed through my veins and began to follow this self-claimed guru.(of course, I don’t know him before). I just found myself writing a blog, creating my own youtube channel, and eventually become one of the students of the self-claimed guru.(so grateful about that 😍)

The wait is over. The time has come. If you are reading this, then you are witnessing that dreams do come true. I just couldn’t contain the happiness inside me. I feel like I need to share the knowledge and experiences I gained throughout the years with you. This is my way of giving back to all the blessings I am currently receiving. I want to share, inspire and empower women. Being a mom doesn’t stop at home; we can be a great contributor to our community. I believe that “There’s no such thing as too late. Every day is the right time to start.” Always take advantage of what we have right now. (Cheers! 🎉)

Why IntegratedMomVP?

I created this blog site to be an online portfolio of my researches & experiences related to motherhood, parenting, and homeschooling as well as healthy living. I’m also an advocate of personal and financial development to motivate and inspire other mothers.

IntegratedMomVP is the best word to describe a mom who worked patiently on her dreams and aspirations into reality. Her goal is to radiate her positive vibes and success to inspire other moms to keep dreaming and never give up. She aims to uplift the values, skills, and mindsets of full-time moms toward pursuing a career even at home.

If you would like to learn more about IntegratedMomVP, feel free to get in touch with my Inbox.

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Ligaya was great to work with. She was flexible with the requirements of the project. I would gladly work with her again and highly recommend her to others for being very professional and creative.

Jay Pasana, Entrepreneur

Ligaya is very passionate in her task as Lead Generation VA. As her team leader, I found her being resourceful enough to get the work done on time. She’s organized and has keen eyes for details. I highly recommend her for General Admin tasks. She’s a dependable person to work with.. Keep up the good … Continue reading Nimfa Maniscan, Entrepreneur, Author

Nimfa Maniscan, Entrepreneur, Author